Covid 19 Floor Stickers Pack

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Covid 19 Floor Stickers. Approx 400mm diameter, these are high quality floor stickers that are laminated with a floor certified laminate (R9 textured laminate).

They will stick to a large variety of smooth floors. While these floor Stickers will stick to outside concrete or pavement, they are not recommended for outdoor use as the adhesive is not meant to be applied to rough surfaces and it will not last.

These self adhesive Covid 19 floor stickers are printed have an expected  life of 2-4 years, indoor only. This will  be impacted greatly by the quality of the application, the amount of foot traffic and cleaning they are subjected to on a daily basis. Make sure you clean and de-grease the surface thoroughly before applying, as an unclean or dusty surface is the number one reason these stickers fail.

 The lamination makes it possible for the floor stickers to be cleaned with regular floor cleaning products.

Custom shapes, sizes and branded options are available, please get in tough with us. Ph 091 763 398.

This product is extremely popular at present, and stock can vary greatly from one day to the next. Please get in touch with us prior to ordering should you need these urgently.

Normal turnaround time is 2-5 days, depending on the amount of orders.