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21-0602009 Twitter Application

WhoTheTweet is a simple twitter application that helps you decide whether to follow a person on twitter, or not.

You can enter the username of any twitter user and the application will analyze the latest tweets belonging to that user and present you with a list of the top words that appear in the twitterer’s timeline.

The web design is fresh, up to date and goes well with the twitter style.

WhoTheTweet aims to get better with your help. We added a Social aspect, where people can decide which word is useless for describing a person by clicking on it. And our script takes the clicks and uses some maths algorithm and then removes those words for everybody (blacklists them). This way it's a social aspect where people themselves can help make this application more accurate and help others get better results.

You can also opt to follow a person directly from the site, you need to enter your username and password to do that.

Click here to visit: WhoTheTweet

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