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Learn how to start a blog in less than 30 minutes

Posted on Jan 16, 2015

Launching a Self-Hosted Word Press Blog in Less than 30 Min.

In today’s the world, the simplest way to building a reputation is to start a blog. You can do this in different ways, such as,, and, however, self hosted WordPress is the best way to get the most control and most bloggers use self-hosted WordPress.

But most people stuck at this point and consider that the method to install WordPress and to set a hosting service is complex and takes time. Conversely, it is very simple to use and install WordPress.

Here I will tell how to publish and write your first ever blog. You are free to forward this post if anyone wants help, even though you know this before.
The best thing about setting up your blog is that you do not need any technical skills. This tutorial is the simplest way to set up your own blog.
If you want to read the procedure for launching your own blog, then you can do that too because I have mentioned all the basic steps. You can go through the below-mentioned steps and instruction for launching a self-hosted WordPress blog.

Here are 7 easy steps for launching your own blog.

Step 1:
First, gather all the resources for setting up a WordPress blog, after that you will require:
Time (not more than 30minutes)

  • A Credit Card
  • A Domain Name

If your domain is not still registered, then do not bother. It is not just easy, but also very cheap. Even I can show you a way of getting one for free by using the services suggested in step no. 2.
But, if your domain is already registered, then you have to follow one more step. I will tell the complete process in the end.

Step 2:
After gathering all the resources, the second step is to set up your hosting account. It is the most important step among all the remaining steps, because of the reason that this is the point where your blog is going to live. This is a remote computer (that is a server in the cloud). Here you have to rent space for managing your blog and installing the WordPress software. It is a lot easier than it seems. Just follow all the steps.

There are thousands hosting services open these days. Yet, I recommend you to employ Bluehost in reference to my research and experience. It is a great option for everyone due to the following reasons:

  • Support Service of Bluehost: The support service of Bluehost is incredible. Its support services are available 24 hours a day through chat, email or phone. Even I have used it many times and found out that the staff members are supportive, expert and so gracious. The holding staff of this company is located in the United States.
  • Reliable: This Company is super trustworthy, boasting an uptime of 99.9 percent (average).
  • Easy to Use: It is very simple to use Bluehost.
  • WordPress: The best thing about Bluehost is that the WordPress itself suggests three hosting services and Bluehost rest on the top. Over 850,000 WordPress blogs are hosted by Bluehost Company.
  • Unlimited Space: This is no limit on domains, bandwidth, email accounts and disk space offered by Bluehost. This implies that you will be able to host various sites or blogs on one account.
  • Reasonable: Bluehost is not at all expensive. You have to pay just $4.95-$6.95 per month.
  • Values: In the Terms and Conditions, section of Bluehost prohibits all types of adult content, nudity and pornography. It imposes this standard strictly and deletes every site that does not follow it. Nobody prefers his blog sitting on the same server like some pornographer and neither do I. If you too believe so, then you will be surprised to find out that the majority of the well-known hosting services permit pornography on their servers.


Disclosure: The Company pays commission to the affiliates when someone signs up through the sources offered by members. Because I am an affiliate of Bluehost, does not mean that I am recommending Bluehost I get a commission too. I suggest you to use Bluehost because I believe they provide the best hosting services.

Also, it is mentioned in the Terms of Service of Bluehost that it provides money-back warranty of 30 days. I have experienced this for myself and received my money back. Hence, there is no risk at all. Now if you have decided to use Bluehost, then browse the homepage of Bluehost and get yourself registered.

You do not have to waste your time thinking about your domain name. Here I will assume that you have not registered a domain name before, using any domain registration service. In case you have registered before, then I will tell you the next steps that need to be followed.
After signing up on Bluehost, enter the domain name in the box present on the left side, pick a right extension, for instance .biz, .net or .com, and then click on Next.

Now fill all the information required for the account and go down to choose your package. There are different packages at various prices, that ranges from $4.95to$6.95 per month.

Bluehost offers incredibly cheap prices. But, always remember that you have to make advance payment of the annual rate. The 3 packages based on my affiliate links are:

$ 5.95 monthly for 12 months at $ 71.40 up front and $ 71.40 yearly.
$ 4.95 monthly for 24 months at $ 118.80 up front and $ 59.40 yearly.
$ 3.95 monthly for 36 months at $ 142.20 up front and $ 47.4 yearly.

It is up to you to sign up for any service listed on the screen. After this, enter the billing information and make sure that you have gone through the Terms and Conditions. The system will then authenticate your credit card information.

The next question, that Bluehost will ask, is regarding the selection of upgrade. Pick and choose the Upgrade that perfectly meets your requirements. Once you are done with it, then click on the Finish button. After this, select a password for your account by clicking on the password link.

You have to choose a password for your account, when you see this screen appears on the window.
Make sure to use the option of Password Generator for creating difficult and strong passwords. Then, copy this by pressing Ctrl-C if you are using a computer and Command-C if you are on a Mac on the clipboard. After this, click on the Paste button, so that the password will be pasted into the appropriate fields. Now click on the Create button for creating your Bluehost account.

Alert: When Bluehost is creating your account, an error message is received. Do not upset, as sometimes it takes time for the robots in creating your account. In case the situation is most horrible, then you can call Bluehost Support service at 1-888-401-4678.

You will be asked to login to your domain. The domain might be put in for you. If it is not inserted automatically, then type the domain name. Then, you can use the chosen password. Since you have previously copied it to the clipboard, now you can paste this password with Ctrl-V on the Computer and Command-V on the Mac. Now you can login to your account. It might be possible that you receive another upgrade suggesiont. But, you can decline this offer by clicking on the link of No thanks.

The next step is on the Welcome screen. Click on the control panel. Here you will see a page with many different options.

Step: 3
This is one of the most important steps, because in this step you have to install WordPress. Although there are multiple buttons in this step, but do not be frightened, as it is surprisingly easy. This procedure may be difficult, but thanks to Bluehost for making it uncomplicated. Trust me; you can complete this with no difficulty. Now scroll down to Website Builders page. After this, click on the logo of WordPress. A new page will be then appeared that will be full of scripts. Just click on the logo of WordPress.

Now you will see that your Mojo account is loading up. Mojo is a system to manage scripts that are automated. Therefore, do not get confused. After this, a new screen will appear showing the option of installing WordPress. This is crucial to start your blog. Simply go to the Start option to pick the domain on which you would like to install WordPress. Now press the option of the check domain since it should default to correct one.
After this, a new screen will appear saying that you are there almost. When this screen comes, then there is no need to use advanced options. Now click on the button saying that you have read all the terms of service and then click on the install button. Now wait for a few minutes, since the installation procedure takes little time. Wait for a while.

As soon as the installation process is completed, a new screen will be appearing with your password, username, login and blog URL. One more advantage that Bluehost provides is that it emails all the information to you, but I choose to have a backup. Thus, I can take a screenshot or write it down. Furthermore, you must also copy the password to the clipboard by using Control-C on the computer and Command-c on Mac again.

Step 4:
The fourth step is to load your new blog. Just click on the URL of blog address, your new blog begins loading in a new tab.
There is nothing complicated in this step. WordPress uses a very basic and generic theme by default and this is the specialty of WordPress. Thousands of themes are available and I am going to suggest one in a while.

Step 5:
The next step is to log into WordPress. Since you are on the home page of the blog, go down and click on the Login link.

Here you have to just enter your password and username. Since you have already written down all these in third Step, hence you can also copy the password to the clipboard.
After the login, you will see the WordPress Dashboard. WordPress Dashboard is also referred as a WordPress Back-end by bloggers. Your blog site is the front-end, as the visitors will look, while the back-end is managed and controlled by you.

Step 6:
The next step involves the first post. For which, you need to go to Add New/Post option near the left -side and click on it. Now you will see the screen for New Post.
Just insert your post title, such as “I welcome you to my WordPress blog”
After this, write the first post under the title directly in the field. You can start with the reason of creating your new blog, your topics that you would like to write about and whether you are going to post frequently or infrequently. Click the on Publish option after writing your post. Now the whole world can read your post. You can still make alterations in it by selecting the Preview button.
Bravo! You are successful in publishing your first post on your self-hosted WordPress blog.

Step 7:
bookmark the main pages of your blog, this is the final step. These pages includes Word Press front-end and the back-end since you have to go to your blog frequently.
But, if you have closed the page to the back-end already, then open it via “http://[your blog’s name]/wp-admin.

Please feel free to pass this information along with the link to everyone you know who can get benefit from this.